So you are building a new home.  There are so many exciting choices to make, cabinets to select, lighting designs, colors, etc.  But one of the most important decisions you will make will be to do a home inspection on your new construction home.

I find that many of my clients looking to build a new home, simply don't know that this is an option or  more importantly, a critical step in building a home.  If you think about it, many home builders in the Hoover area, are production builders, meaning they are building many, many homes at the exact same time.  Some builders have as many as 100 homes under construction at any given time.  As you can imagine, this is a lot of moving parts to manage and keep up with.

Between the framing stage, electrical, plumbing, sheet-rock, roof and on and on, there are hundreds of details that have to be managed.  My experience has shown that most builders are very good at managing these details and are also very well intended.  But, as you can imagine, from time to time, something falls through the cracks.  That is why it is important for your to have an independent home inspector looking over your new construction home.

 There are a few times during this process that it is best to have a home inspector visit your new home.  The first phase would be prior to sheet-rock, after the plumbing and electrical work is completed.  This will give the inspector a chance to see what is "in between" your walls before it is covered with sheet-rock.

Then of course, after the sheet rock is installed would be another time to have the home inspected.  Be sure to talk with your home inspector and get their recommendation for when the best time might be.  You will certainly coordinate all inspections with your builder.  Each city has inspectors that will be looking over the property at different stages to make sure it meets all city building requirements.

Thirdly, you are going to want a final inspection.  This is a good time for the inspector to check out the roof and attic venting.  The slope of the yard and how water drains from the property is important as well.  Be sure to visit your property on a good rainy day so that you can be aware of any water pooling.  Builders will work with you to insure there is not a problem with standing water on your property.

Home inspectors typically have a package deal for new construction.  When looking for a home inspector, speak with several and ask about their experience with new construction.  I have found that a few home inspectors actually come for a construction background and are therefore particularly skilled when it comes to these types of inspections.  I am happy to provide you a list of state certified home inspectors.

This is one of the most important decisions you will make while building your new home.  Be sure to make it a priority.  While is may not be as fun as selecting colors and light fixtures, it could possibly save you a lot of disappointment and grief after you move into your lovely new home.