Have you heard? An ALDI grocery store is planned for the new Stadium Trace Village development, located at the intersection of Hwy 150 and Stadium Trace Parkway currently under construction.

ALDI is know for their great prices and variety of products and unique style.  When visiting an ALDI store carts are kept in a central location.  You put a quarter in the cart and then when you return the cart, you get your quarter back.  This helps keep prices low because they don't have to spend time retrieving carts.

At ALDI you also bring your own shopping bags, another cost savings.  ALDI is all about energy savings including recycled bags and cartons.

ALDI does not carry the typical 30,000 items that other stores do.  They focus on the weekly must-halves, most of which are high-quality brands.  The smaller inventory lends itself to smaller stores, less staff, lower electricity adding up to cost saving for customers.

Switching to ALDI brands can save you up to 50% over national brands.  

Hoover residents on the Trace Crossings side of town will enjoy another option for grocery shopping soon.