1 - Keep windows, garages and sheds locked, and don’t forget to use deadbolts.

2- Use timers to turn on lights and a television or radio.

3 - Maintain at least a foot of space between a burning candle and anything that can catch fire.

4 - When hanging lights outdoors, avoid using staples or nails which can damage wiring. Use UL-rated clips or wires instead.

5 - Don't overload electrical circuits with holiday lighting; unplug your tree and outdoor lights before going to bed.

6 - Don't leave a spare key in a "hiding place." Burglars know where to look.

7 - Lock your power box with an electricity authority lock (lock to which you and the electric company have a key) so that your home security alarm system can't be cut off from the power supply.

And have a safe and happy holiday season. 'Tis a great time to sell your home as there are much fewer homes on the market during the holiday season.  Buyers who are looking for a new home, are serious buyers.  Why not consider this time of year when you have much less competition?

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