You found the perfect house.  You are under contract and ready for the next very important step - the home inspection.    There are a few things that you need to know before going through this process.

#1 What is a home inspection?  It is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of the home.  Although home inspectors have a keen eye for details, they will not be able to detect the unseen.  That means things like hidden pests, asbestos, mold and other potentially hazardous substances.  These things require a specialized evaluation by professionals in those fields.

#2 What an home inspection is NOT.

-It does not uncover latent (hidden) defects
-It is not a technically exhaustive inspection of the structure, systems or components
-It is not a prediction of when something might break or fail in the future.
-It does not determine whether the installation of something was in accordance with the manufacturer's   instructions.

The top 3 things that home inspectors do not check are :

1- sprinkler systems
2- HVAC units (inspectors will 100% of the time, write in your home inspection report that you need to       have the HVAC units inspected by a licensed professional because they are not licensed)
3 - Refrigerators - if the seller leaves a frig behind, you are accepting that unit as it as